Peacock in the Room on Etsy: Spring 2014 Listings

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this site – life’s been a journey.

Spring weather is nearing, and I felt it was appropriate to share some of these bold pieces with you! They’re now available for purchase via my Peacock in the Room shop on Etsy.

Peacock in the Room: Spring 2014 Listings


Outfit of the Day: First Day of Work!

Today was my first day at my new full-time job at an entertainment company with a-list artist and fashion clients in Philly. What a great feeling! It’s laid back, and full of workers around my age. It’s surely a dream-like job.

Peacock in the Room, March 19What I Wore:
xhileration skull sweater (Target); Simply Vera beige/grey tights (Kohl’s); nude Mossimo flats with gold heel spikes (Target); grey gem earrings (Claire’s); oversized grey ring (from a vendor at college, can’t remember).

I’ve been prepping my wardrobe purchases for this job because I wasn’t sure of their tattoo policies. After today, I am pretty sure they are free-range, but here’s an option to covering up a tattoo without sweating.

Keeping the colors neutral and simple is what really makes this outfit pop when you enter a room. The white long-sleeved shirt beneath broke up the neutrality a bit.

Outfit of the Day: Skull Scarf

Doggie photobomb! Today I substituted for an 8th grade science teacher. Keeping it comfy, edgy and refraining from their no-jeans policy.

Peacock in the Room, Feb. 27What I Wore:
salmon cotton stirrup pants (thrifted from my grandmom’s neighbor); Old Navy XXL grey top with black beaded shoulders (thrifted at Trenton GoodWill); multi-color skull infinity scarf ($14 from a kiosk in the mall); taupe suede shoes (Traffic Shoes).

Subbing in a fairly small school district in South Jersey surely presents issues of culture and diversity. With all my outfits, I like to show students, and even the staff, that spunk and self-expression is one of the keys to life.

I started this outfit by picking the pants – salmon/orange-colored stirrups. I tied these bold pants and simple grey top into the perfect outfit by topping it off with the scarf, which had a few orange skulls.

Outfit of the Day: Rowan’s Career Fair

Today was Rowan’s career fair. It was a very questionable setup, to say the least. I didn’t go to Rowan, but I went because it’s down the road from me. There was one communications-related table, a cluster of radio stations.

Peacock in the Room, Feb. 26What I Wore:
gold peacock top (Forever 21); Garfield & Marks houndstooth skirt; Vera Wang grey stockings (Kohl’s); Calvin Klein beige suit jacket (TJ Maxx); patent leather black heels.

I love the mixing of patterns. The light jacket makes the gold in the  top pop. the blacks and greys are tied together from top to bottom with the patent leather belt/shoes combo. While some fanciful accounting firm might be looking for someone dressed in all black with slicked-back hair in a bun, I was quite the opposite. But that wasn’t what I was going for; music journalism and radio is edgy, and so is my style, and I felt confident going in.

Outfit of the Day: Elephant Earrings

Today was very long. I substitute teached, ran errands for my rabbit, and dropped my résumé off at my accountant for him to forward along to a client. If you know anyone from the music industry, whether it be record labels, magazines, radio or promotion, I am for hire. My portfolio is at Brandi Lynn Design, and my résumé can be downloaded here.

Peacock in the Room, Feb. 22What I Wore:
triangle/square long tank top (thrifted from GoodWill); black cardigan (Target); oversized patent leather belt (Kohl’s); black cotton stirrup pants (thrifted); Breckelle’s rusty patent leather flats (Traffic Shoes); brassy elephant earrings.

This outfit was so comfy and simple. Regardless of its simplicity  I still looked fashionably put-together, and all the accessories complimented the top’s colors.

Outfit of the Day: Chilly Subbing Day

I’ve been caught up, so here’s an outfit post! I won’t let them slip anymore! Curious as to what I’ve been working on? Check out! It’s an online radio station being built from the ground up. You can hear my music and talk podcasts!

Peacock in the Room, Feb. 21What I Wore:
creamy button-up sweater (Old Navy); CHAPS paisley collared button shirt (Kohl’s); black stretchy pants (H&M); Breckelle’s rusty patent leather flats (Traffic Shoes).

I was focusing around the sweater, since it was the first thing that I wanted to wear. I decided to wear a bold-pattered shirt under the neutral sweater, and matched my accessories based off of the dark greens and browns in the print.

Peacock in the Room shop on Etsy

Hey everyone! I’ve been a bit behind with daily outfit posts because I have been working on other projects and freelance opportunities.

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 7.37.43 PM

I re-imaged my Etsy shop to match Peacock in the Room. You can buy vintage clothing and records bowls at this shop.

A lot of the current picks are just in time for Spring/Summer, so don’t miss out!

Below are some items that I have sold in the past.—————————————————————————————————————————